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Juvenile Detention Is Not The Answer

During this journey, I have come to know many good women who are now approaching middle age, sadly, whom some "uneducated" judge has sentenced to life in prison. You may wonder why I use the word "uneducated" in reference to a judge... You're thinking that they were obviously educated enough to hold the position as a judge. One who presides over the people

and decides the fate of many in justice; supposedly. But unjustly in one too many instances! I say "uneducated" simply because research has clearly been successfully conducted with data proving that one's brain is not even fully developed until the age of twenty-five, although adulthood is considered to be when one reaches the age of eighteen. Once again, data has proven otherwise. So, who went to law school for years but did not read the data in which provided the information involving the study of the human brain? So some "uneducated", heartless, individual has decided to take away the future of a child? A child! My oldest child is seventeen years old and was just released from a juvenile detention center for a few bad choices. That's like some "uneducated" individual telling my child, key word once again, child, that his only future is a life of imprisonment. No! This is completely unacceptable! What if it were their child? How would they feel? And as I stated, many of these are good, no, great, women! Made a mistake during adolescence. Clearly a perplexing time for the average individual! So, which one of us has not made a mistake of some sort during this time? Hell, we didn't even know who we were then! Which one of us was perfect and without blame? Certainly not me! I did many stupid things. Made many mistakes. That's the way we learn, or did some judge not know that either? People change everyday, or did they not know that either? Damn, what do they know? Anything?

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