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Freedom Psalm

Some say slavery is no longer here and that it doesn’t exist. Well, I was shackled at the ankles with cuffs around my wrists, several times called a “nigger” and hit by a white man’s fist. Call me crazy, but these reflect the same acts committed on the many plantations in order to instill fear in a people who they claimed were 3/5ths of a human and said they could not be equal.

Now the plantation’s sequel is manifested through the visions of continually filling and building prisons and the USA’s ethnic minorities are suffering systematic genocide by was of mass incarceration. This entire nation’s minorities is its prison population’s majority and this fact plays in my mind. It becomes clearer and clearer that it’s all by design. No! I cannot continue to see our sons without fathers, our daughters without mothers and our sisters without brothers.

These conditions are real. These conditions of systematic repression and oppression are real. I’d rather die on my feet than accept this and kneel… because I live for my freedom and I’ll die for it the same. So, I must remove these shackles. Yes, I must break these chains to bring forth change. We must save our babies from becoming victims of this unjust “justice” system. Organize and structure a front line movement, educate our babies, develop collaborative systems and services centered on community improvement. For this collective action, my heart screams as my soul yells. They’re singing me a song. They’re singing along. The tune is called Freedom Psalm. Freedom! Freedom! When will she answer me, freedom!

Sentenced to a term of 36 years for a robbery I didn’t commit. You probably thinking to yourself, man, ain't that some…

I’m sick of cuffs, sick of shackles. I’m sick of prison guards. I’m sick of seeing checkers, chess, dominoes, and cards.

Freedom! Freedom! Why have you forsaken me, freedom from this living nightmare. Will you please wake me!

Freedom, I will never stop fighting for you, with you is where I will always strive to be. Any fight for you, I am willing to endure. No second guessing, I am absolutely sure.

When will you my freedom psalm?

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