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An Open Letter...

The VADOC is a foul and vile bastion of cruel evils ... a place for craven Nazis and slaving fascists to exercise oppression... That is how this letter begins. There is no other way to state a situation so grievous, so dangerous to human life, that has been in great detail, documented by so many over so many years... all of which takes place in a US state that has chosen to ignore the calls of reform, by the citizens, which every other state and the federal government have begun to answer with immediate changes. Yet, this is no surprise given the long history of oppression that Virginia has engage in -- always the haven for Nazis, fascists, and slavers.

Some of the more derelict prisons are situated in Virginia and a very corrupt system is in place to keep them filled, especially those located in the mountains of Virginia, where, in place of a long dead coal industry, the state of Virginia has built one prison after the next -- the only option for uneducated, unskilled people who have no passions to improve themselves. A people whose self-respect is so recklessly non-existent that jobs offering the opportunity to oppress and abuse other humans is so very welcome, not only for the low wage, literally no work psych check, but also the change to pour their personal misery onto the necks of those upon whom they drive their boot heels.

As I write this, from Pocahontas State Koncentration Kamp, we are locked in our cells so that staff can spend money that was appropriated for the inmates on a fancy feast for themselves. Yes, money be spent educating and healing inmates. Yes, punishing us beyond our due while they do so. There is no money for proper health care of staff. No money for proper mental health staff. No money for any sort of programs of education that apply to a 21st century world of tech and automation. No money for a proper environment that fosters positivity as hope while providing for a viable future. No money for quality food, entertainment, support or rewards for becoming productive. But, there is money for a staff plagued by severe obesity, to have a high-brow meal, punishing people with lock down time as an added bonus. I believe the term is “sociopathic”.

Pocahontas Koncentration Kamp is only a few hours from Charlottesville, that town where armed Nazis, with VA state police escort, marched and caused all manner of chaos and violence. We are staffed by those people, here at PSCC. We are daily, caused harm by the oppressive violence of guards who beat and maim on a whim and of medical staff who would rather not help those who are injured and suffering and mental health staff, who daily, witness the onslaught of severe psychological abuse, yet never move to stop such horrendous human rights violations, or even report them to outside sources, protected by anonymity and whistleblower laws.

There must be a chance and it must be NOW! The PSCC staff and that of the Virginia DOC on the whole, are far more criminal than those they hold prisoner and their crimes are far more egregious because they know the level of despotism, of wanton cruelty that far exceeds any debt owed by their captives. They must be brought to justice, true justice, as opposed to the gross misuse of the word as it’s thrown around in the kangaroo courts of Virginia.

The country is boiling and frothing over the growing Nazi facism that is spreading as a cancer. That cancer has deep roots in the Virginia mountains. This is an area where it is allowed and encouraged to fester and that, good people of the world, must no longer be allowed or tolerated.

Some say civil war is brewing. I tell you true, it has already begun. People such as those described above are the cause of that division and they are the enemy of American ideas of equality, liberty, and justice for all...

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