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Passed By Again

It has occurred to me that even through the fight we are in for the laws now, that violent felons are being thrown away. The highest level of recidivism is not the violent offenders but the non- violent. The violent offenders are looked at as a waste while the tax dollars pay to keep the door open for the return of those that have been given a second and third chance while we sit and hope for that ONE more chance.

I pray that with those of us that are speaking out locally and those that are supporting us through the higher ups will wipe the denial from their eyes and see whats right in front of them.

Prayers and blessings all. G FCCW

Note from CFJ: Crimes involving the use of a firearm are considered violent crimes. Prisoners who had a firearm during a robbery attempt, for example, would be classed as violent offenders even if no one was hurt or if the firearm wasn't even used. If someone was with someone who had a firearm during a crime, and didn't even have a weapon, would also be classed as a violent offender.

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