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Early Release For Those In Re-Entry

A note from CFJ: The Governor announced on April 10th that inmates with a year or less left on their sentences, would be considered for early release upon the Governor's signature. The General Assembly will reconvene on April 22 to take action on all of the Governor's amendments. The administration is confident this amendment will pass. Early release is at the discretion of the DOC and will depend on inmates having a family plan and not being a danger to society. Once the Governor signs, it goes into effect. We need to expand early release possibilities for those who are medically fragile and at high risk should COVID19 come into their facilities. At this time, there are no positive cases at Fluvanna.

I am writing in regard to the safety of offenders and staff here at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women due to the COVID19. Basic guidelines and procedures are not being adhered to. Here in the re-entry program, we are being forced to gather in groups of 50 plus women twice a day. They are enforcing punishments for refusal to participate. Staff continues to enter and exit the wing excessively without gloves and a mask, often touching things such as door handles, remotes, desks etc. More importantly, our meals are being given to us through various staff members and offenders without proper protection equipment.

The virus has already made its way into the VA Correctional Center for Women and those infected are being transported here for further medical treatment and health care here at DOC has already been a major concern prior to COVD19. It has already been stated that once the COVID19 gets into the prisons, it will be uncontrollable. Our health is at risk more than ever. This re-entry program, in particular, has six months or less. We are pleading to be released in order to reduce the populations in VA prisons. FCCW does not have the capability to properly take care of the offender population with such a deadly virus. Even if drastic measures, such as home monitoring, need to be enforced. We are more than willing to comply.

We are looking for someone to be our voice in such a time of crisis. Thank you.

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