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A Plea

This is a plea for the release of nonviolent offenders for whom House Bill 5148, Chapter 389 applies – start releasing now instead of waiting for July 1, 2022 when the bill becomes effective. Data compiled for Chapter 389 was submitted to the Governor’s office by the Department of Corrections of a six year period time frame on July 2021 for all those offenders. In the same year, a marijuana bill set for the year of 2024 was pushed through and became effective. Why wait until July?

For these long-term offenders, whom the House bill does not affect, ease the hardship of being overcrowded, the freedom to properly social distance, and better access to address medical needs that are so limited right now.

Reports have been downplayed. Shortage of medical staff and security at Fluvanna is causing dire situations for everyone. The number of covid cases are increasing daily and we have no adequate support.

Please help relieve so many burdens within Fluvanna and other statewide correctional facilities. I understand July 1, 2022 is not that far away. However, some of us have family members suffering critical situations medically who may not survive that long. Please be our voice. Grace and peace.


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