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Anonymous- Pocahontas (9/30/2023)

Danger and disaster luck 'round every corner at Pocahontas State Correctional Center and the staff -- specifically those responsible for security -- are entirely to blame.

It began with cowardice combined with a level of ineptitude that goes beyond disbelief. Guards who willingly stand idle as one prisoner stabs another 21 times. Not one guard -- not even those with supposed rank -- pulled out a taser or a can of pepper spray. Instead, they simply stood there, confused, afraid of looking as dumb as possible on camera and in broad daylight. If you have a friend or family member being held captive at the notorious PSCC, understand that their lives are at risk solely due to the cowardice and total lack of skill of the PSCC staff.

It gets worse than that because, on top of being unable to handle even the smallest crisis, let alone something serious such as that mentioned above, these backwoods cowards actually go about their days openly antagonizing prisoners. Given this, it would be sensible to not provoke the captives. These idiots cannot wrap their empty heads around such basic logic, so they antagonize and behave in a manner so arrogant and so unprofessional that warrants a good thrashing, as any fool child should receive.

Adding more garbage to the refuse pile is the overall maturity level of the majority of the guards -- approximately that of a 9-year-old pulling the legs off a cricket. They blow whistles randomly and without reason; they pipe feedback through the PA systems; they make threats from behind fences and over intercoms; and other poor behavior expected more from a bratty child than from a state employee whose job as an adult babysitter comes with an expectation of setting an example. I tell you the example is well set by too many of the guards. For instance, a guard named Tony has been found guilty of numerous race-based hate crimes and too many accusations of sexual harassment to be any sort of acceptable. The example is set when PSCC and the VADOC administrators shield him from accountability and then let him train other new hires whose similar disposition must be some sort of depraved prerequisite for the job.

The problem is more serious now because guards are not just giving a punch to the face before they drag a captive to the RHU shower to be beaten near to death 10 to 1. Now, they run a very serious risk of being stabbed and killed yet they are too stupid -- or way too confident -- to alter their juvenile behaviors. There have been more shanks found in the past nine months than in the entire decade prior combined and the staff at PSCC, who have never had to function in a "real" prison environment, are simply not built for the responsibilities. They are going to get hurt and they are going to get other people hurt in the process.

An independent third party MUST enter this prison immediately and screen these staff for a list of things, especially psychological stability, and ability to handle a crisis, as well as emotional maturity. This level of oversight MUST be done by inside agents acting as both staff and captives. The VADOC and PSCC are responsible for too many deaths already. The time has come for dramatic changes.


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