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JPAY: The Big Rip-Off

It's no secret that the Prison Industrial Complex has been ripping people off since the beginning. But my issue today is with the gigantic vacuum that is JPay and the way it has been sucking up all of our hard earned money. It is bad enough that our families also contribute to this money-making giant, but it feels horrible when you're on the inside being treated like a second-rate custotmer because of your current status.

I am unsure of how many time I have reminded JPay of this very fact but when you are a company that cares nothing about your customers, that is expected. This company sells us refurbished equipment and forces us to purchase games and music at ridiculous prices for us to enjoy. And we do ...until our devices malfunction ... and they always do. Then we have such a hard time getting it replaced, if at all.

Customer service at JPay is at an all-time low. When we submit a request for whatever service we may need, we are forced to wait 14 days for a response, which usually ends up being way more than that, or we just don't receive one at all.

People out there, please help us with our struggle with calls and emails to JPay regarding these issues. Do not allow them to continue taking our hard earned money!


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