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Our Black History

Happy Black History Month!! To my fellow agents of change. Rip Mr. Hank Arron! Rip Mrs C. Tyson! U will be forever missed & glorified for your sacrifices. Who u know received 3,000 letters of hate mail a day? VA citizens the parole bill was gunned down Friday. By our fellow Democrats & Republicans. As they start their argument with we can't let them animals out, they r a threat to society. U remember in 1971 when sweet baby Sue was shot & killed in her bed? Or u remember in 1985 when Bob overdosed off that heroin them black boys sold him? Or u remember in 1994 when them colored boys raped Betty Ann? Or u remember when we let Tyrone out on parole & he robbed 2 more banks? All these scenarios that could happen to anybody. Murder, rape, drug dealing, gang banging, recidivism, r typical to someone who is broke, unemployed, mentally disturbed, or made a quick/split second decision of sin they felt they could get away with it. Plus has been going on since the biblical days. Thousands of years ago. & I am not defending all criminality? There has to be a level of understanding! R there people in here who deserve second chances? Yes. R there people in here who r innocent? Yes. Or r victims to jailhouse snitches/co defendants who have been manipulated/paid to lie? Yes. Or fit the description cuz u r black & is walking down the street? Yes. Going up for parole is essential. Y? cuz there is a full blown investigation done by the parole board. Don't let me take this plea cuz I don't want to be sentenced to life/face the electric chair. When sometimes u plead guilty to crimes that went unsolved. Even though living on these new/modern day plantations can turn out worse than physical death. This is a new year & already our dreams of getting relief from our justice system has denied parole for everybody locked up after 1995. When many who r out have worse crimes on paper than the new generation. After 1995 politicians such as Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, & others agreed with the super predator narrative. Like in the Donald Trump infomercial "I wonder who they r talking about." Exploding the incarceration rate by 100% & u can say yeah them young boys were wild, but how much $ was made off the flesh of the impoverished? Majority black, Hispanic, or poor white. Now how do u say I'm sorry, I should've never signed on the bottom line not knowing the impact that the bill had on our black brothers & sisters. As we witness now drug dealers r getting smacks on the wrist, for the guilt laid upon the importation of drugs. We have watched Frank Lucas in Amerikan Gangsta how many times? Now the big show is Snowfall, the Rick Ross story. Well anyone reading this without the military police/governments help how would that dope end up in Amerika without them? We can turn the blind eye but as the penal complex continues to grow how can we? In my opinion/interpretation look at the feigns in New Jack City, Boy Z da Hood, Biggie, South Central, etc. who either man/woman would do absolutely anything for a hit of that blue magic/rock. Our politicians accept their roles other than the feigns they create. Now we c the mentally disturbed. All these wars that make our children killers. Then our children from the hypothetical murder capitals, suffer from PTSD more than a soldier in the Middle East. Tell me Y any child has witnessed a dead body full of bullet holes. When the organizations fighting to drug turf to sell drugs for their masters. Which I want unto no is plural. Some say we have a choice. This is true but not popular. Y as an Amerikan citizen I was told as well as millions of children if u work hard u will make it out of poverty. When after high school college is not even an option. Or get into college & come out 40,0000 in debt with no job to help pay for the loans. Then u have other comrades who rely solely on a jump shot, spiral, or the rap game. U understand why this is vital to our success? Cuz as always the opportunities r simply not available. Plus I was taught long ago you may be good at your craft but r u better than the million others spitting the same thing? The group I am involved with aims

daily to crush & end the school to prison pipeline. One thing about our schools that is a turnoff the lack of plastering black excellence & greatness. On every historical level. We don't look in the mirror & value ourselves, we look in the mirror & judge ourselves in whatever fashion Amerika sees us. Where r our leaders? It literally takes 300 years to eliminate statues, policies, laws that promote white supremacy. As in every history book black leaders r still in the back of the bus. Not to mention black leaders such as Fred Hampton were incarcerated/murdered for telling the truth? As if no blood is on Amerika$ hands. & lastly got away with it. When u c raids on the capitol police died due to white supremacy. 5 years ago a black mentally disturbed woman was killed by the DC police for driving around the capital with a gun. Point being if the protesters were blk they would've been killed too. Now in the deepest sins of Amerika u c the greatest heist in history. Piracy at the rarest form. Then came the Red & Blk holocaust. When blks received nothing in return for their labor. But we talk of a fair & equal Amerika. As Plymouth rocks didn't just land it crushed us. Now we sit in prison with no opportunity of parole. Y do we walk the gun line then. What is the incentive? As the 85% law is as of racist law as the blk codes. My brothers & sisters who chase the bag, we may obtain the money, jewels, real estate, notoriety, & respect but when we come in here we r only their property. As the number is our new name/identity. The prison system is cruel, unusual, & inhumane. When there is never enuff $ to be made. Not only do we have to watch the fedz we have to watch our environment, lust, greed, envy, hate r the lower self of mankind. Tools used on me & u designed by the opposition. The only ? is it worth it?


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