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Slavery Is The Law

By Cecil GuyTruman

The 13th Amendment is clear that slavery is legal as long as one can be “duly convicted” of a crime. So now slavery is only predicated by being convicted by a court system solely created to convict by any and all means.

Until slavery is abolished in every in all forms can we seek a civilized society that is intent on the greater good for all. Now we exist in a plantation where the rich and the powerful control every aspect of society. Slavery is not the answer to healing and rehabilitation. And since poverty is the leading cause of crime, it is high time we cure the disease instead of endlessly attacking the symptoms.

We, as convicted criminals, deserve education, rehabilitation, and healing and not enslavement. Many of us have been cruelly convicted in violation of our rights in the first place by the plantation mentality of Virginia that would have us all die in cages rather than honor our rights or treat us as human beings with dignity.

Abolish slavery, amend the 13th! How many citizens have been “duly convicted of a crime”? Crime is defined as “an act that the law makes punishable”. That ranges from a parking ticket to murder. Who are slaves to whom? Welcome to the plantation.


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