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Snatch The Rug Up From Underneath Them Bill

From the start of the HB5148, it was introduced to impact all inmates with a reevaluated calculation of earned sentence credits to be determined in accordance with full participation and cooperation in programing, education, having no more than one minor correctional infractions and no serious correctional infractions, and also employment; Which statue the specification of the Earned sentence credits prerequisites following the four - level classification system.

That was the initial information that was presented at the birth of the bill, which made perfect sense to interpret, understand, and comprehend.

The changes made to the bill went from effectively impacting me allowing me the opportunity to earn good time for my behavior and programming, to unfortunately I'm ineligible because Governor Glenn Youngkin "Snatch the rug up from underneath them bill". He is playing with peoples livelihood, emotions, and intelligence.

Disqualifying me and thousands of other inmates from earning good time sentence credits for the hard work we've maintained is deemed unconstitutional. The irony of it is, is our offense that we got locked up for will never change and He's saying that our character can not change once a criminal always a criminal and that's a lie because, what the initial bill was supposed to do was support evidence in reflecting inmates participation and if one did this and did that then they qualified in earning the point system.

It's become despairingly normal to bear witness Virginia's politics and laws play these psychological mind games, "Snatch the rug up from underneath them bills". They've done this time and time again. We see the trend. Those elderly inmates whose on parole, being told after all these years, "You do not qualify because of the serious nature of your crime". Is ridiculous and humiliating. Regardless of the hard work, proof of no recidivism, proof of rehabilitation; It still doesn't pay off because they're going to "Snatch the rug up from underneath them bill", is going to keep us incarcerated no matter how much we've shown you we've changed the same systematic approach remains in play. It's what Virginia is known for in politics and laws.

I've gone through great lengths to reform and refine myself psychologically, emotionally, physically as a man. All for the sake of me wanting to make it home and show up like the man I Am suppose to. Having the desire to reverse the polarity of a young black man coming into prison at the age of 19 being sentenced to more time than I've lived in society. Which brings to my attention rhetorical questions, " What's the point of maintaining peace and good behavior if we're going to have the rug snatched up from underneath us when its time to present us with our incentive you promoted.

"What makes these nonviolent inmates any special or different from quote unquote "violent inmates"? We all committed crimes. We all are housed in the same cells! So it makes no difference whichsoever. Regardless of the offense of crime, it is based upon that individual to choose either if they want to better themselves in participating in ESC.

Me and the other thousands of inmates are not being given a fair shot of earning any good time participation and cooperation in programing, education, having no more than one minor correctional infractions and no serious correctional infractions, and also being employed. Thus is deemed unlawful and unconstitutional, our rights are being equivocally violated under the equal opportunity act.

Jarmaine Spruill

Dillwyn Correctional Center

P.O. Box 670

Dillwyn, VA 23936


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