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Stay Woke - Juneteenth

Thanks to all for their prayers, thoughts and support in regard to my great grandmother's death. My great grandmother lived a hell of a life. As her memories & legacy will live forever, as 95 blue & purple roses were placed on her casket. Such a beautiful sight. She was loved. I personally couldn't b there so I sent my wife. Again thank u.

Today is Juneteenth & BET (owned by non-blk people) showed 1 blk movie "Harriet". That showed the epitome of freedom. Then the same ole same took ova. All the movies u could've shown. But u didn't. In school blk history is taught for 28 days. Juneteenth is one day but covers an entire year of unknowing freedom. So a channel built off blk creativity\magic only sees 1 blk movie on liberation? Our educational system is broken when the other 11 months of the year r filled wit European greatness.

I was watching a documentary on "illegal aliens" they call Mexicans & they asked them of who was the 1$t president? What is something great they r known for? What about Afrikan descendants who made noise in Amerika? The same way we r forgotten for 11 months/11 years/11 centuries. & the 1$t thing u utter this negro tripping. Next he wants to cancel culture. No I want to b added & glorified in history for our success. Our impact into saying we fought a complete element (the slavocracy) of giving them back their thinking & chains now we r proud freedmen & freedwomen. We forget about our women. When Harriet to the underground railroad they forgot how domestic terrorism actually goes on the plantation. As we constantly get 2nd hand smoke. Prime example Uncle Tom's cabin. A book written by a white woman who never lived a day azz a slave. Which was only a woman with a great imagination. But she'll gets a award & reward for her talking about her imagination. Now the book painted a story, but go listen/read Frederick Douglas. Which was one of our greatest speakers. Who at one time was Amerika's most wanted. Cuz he spoke out against Amerika's #1 sin. & a channel which holds such pride & respect show 1 blk movie? When we need to b educated by all of our movies. How could anyone recognized their greatness if we r minimized in this society. On an all blk network?

I am not smh, only scratching it. In the movie Harriet it showed the emancipation proclamation was only a piece of paper without the sacrifices made by true patriots. As Harriet put it "who wants to kill the head of the snake?" Thousands of lives to preserved the institution of slavery/to save the Union. When its jus not right to say u own another human being for the color of ones skin. Think about it. Or keep being taught by the same educational system that keeps us wearing shutters. #$tay woke


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