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The New Jefferson Davis

Donald Trump is the new Jefferson Davis. By inciting riots against the county he serves. U like Davis r President's of yo own Amerika. As u both whistle Dixie/r proud in wearing Confederate fatigue. Yo supporters r gun toting, non mask wearing, big business owning, wte is right style Amerika. That hates blacks, Mexicans, & Jews. How is it that u lost by 7 million votes, but u tell your cult we won! & the election was stolen from our hands! Which is hilarious to many of us, but in your case becomes boarder line insanity. Becuz u & yo fan base actually believe the narrative u sell. 7 million votes is a mathematical landslide, when the government said it was impossible u won the election. Yet, u blow yo dog whistle hey everybody we won! Let's Make Amerika Great Again! Let's build a border wall! Let's insult someone's wife/daughter's accomplishments on twitter/the gram! As signs red "Give us our President or die!" Politicians were threatened by lynching. 1 was your own Vice President as your supporters left a letter on his desk. We c anyone who goes against your cabinet were threatened to be either assaulted, shot, or killed. Even police officers were injured who every day put their lives on the line for u & your families safety. All behind the blowing of this whistle, only your supporters can hear. It was also said the insurrection was planned by 3 members of congress. Plus the FBI had warnings before the attack. Where were they? I thank God the protestors were not black/Mexican. Cuz on them steps they would've been assaulted, disfigured, choked, masked, tazed, & killed if we had tried anything similar to this terrorism. Armed mercenaries who again threatened the bringing in of a new era. Then u gave the perpetrators bond. Do we not remember yesteryear when u all hated the panthers of self-defense who used to do the same. Voicing their opinions of what was wrong with our community/utilizing their 2nd amendment rights/who were feeding school children/elders. No u don't u buried them in solitary confinement by framing them publicly/physically. & politicians go along with the process. This was one of the biggest financial moves since slavery. To lock up black people regardless of affiliation. We r the only ones who glorify neighborhoods/sets we don't own. Now during the capitol raid u had military personal, national guardsmen, police officers, c/o's, judges, prosecutors, dentist, bondsman, psychologist, on da team. Why is that important? Just like in the Klan anybody could be a part of the political process. U only r finding common goals, standing on common ground. The signs been there. Our family only chose not to c it. That right turn

the blindful eye. Hence we wonder y statues of ex slave masters now come down like bread crumbs. Cuz we have no problem telling truth to power/destroying reminders of racism, bigotry, sexism, prejudice, or slavery. I was having a heated discussion with one of my family members about Trump. How could you sympathize with the blm movement if you r half white? I said cuz black people r minorities to these lands & have the most problems in this country, starting with health care, mass incarceration, disease, r victims to police brutality, racial profiling, housing, taking plea bargains, etc I reinterred y can't u as a Christian not sympathize with any of your brothers & sisters regardless of color/flag they represent? Cuz she's the 1st to say them Mexicans come here illegally & take all the good jobs/their kids eat up our food. I asked again how u hate Mexicans when u have indigenous ancestors? She said well yeah I have red in my blood. I said where u think they originally stayed at? & then she said the blm were terrorist groups. It is facts without looting/marching/burning shit down the media wouldn't get the attention someone's life deserved, Plus how many of the blm organizers threatened politicians? Mike Brown's stepfather said in frustration "let's burn this b**the down!" He was about to catch conspiracy charges if anyone would've followed thru. Donald Trump made the rallying call & his followers came. Mike Brown's stepfather advocated in burning down some buildings out of frustration. A frustration that a police officer who is paid by his tax money 2 protect & serve everyone who lives in his neighborhood, killed his son & gets away with it. Now I'm not saying he is right but what would the terrorist who stormed the capital would've done if facing the same treatment? So who is indeed the terrorist? Plus during the pandemic $ is a significant problem so what is a few clothes/a couple pairs of Michael Jordan's? U enslaved our people for hundreds of years & they got nothing 4 their sacrifices. Now u kill our family members with no mercy & y'all crying about buildings/clothes. Which reminds u r not located in your neighborhood, if it hurts anyone now we have to go back to wte town & purchase our goods from your stores. Which benefits your community. Look at the incident of Jacob Blake. U was in such fear of a knife? Your life flashes before your eyes for a knife? When u have whoop azz training, u have a taser, hell u could've shot the man in the knee cap, the shoulder, the stomach. Not 8 times in his back. Plus this was an act done in front of his children. So y would any of his kids want to grow up to b a policemen/women? This is just as traumatic as Malcolm X being killed in the Aurora Ballroom in the presence of his wife & daughters/

to any of the followers of MLK/ to Fred Hampton being murdered in the same bed as his pregnant wife. Then we ask for a reason y did u raid his home? Cuz he sold education to some black, red, wte, yellow people. Of who we r & how our gov. treats us. Can u take a sec to ask is racism a invention? If we were 2gether how far could we go if we had da same intent. 2 build a striving nation with our resources & stop paying the King. Or buying into da Godfather/Scarface movie script. Which both r full of jewels but r actually movies.


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