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By Jensen Alexander (originally written on 5/30/2023)

I am a U.S.V.I (United States Virgin Islander) transfer innate from St. Thomas who was sent up here to a Virginia Supermax prison in April 2013. I spent 16 months in Red Onion, a supermax prison before I was transferred to the "hair pod" in Wallens Ridge in August 2014 because of the grooming policy that was in place at the time. In June 2019, the grooming policy was abolished because of all the lawsuits VADOC faced from Muslims, Rastafarians, and the ACLU. etc. When the grooming policy got abolished, the hair pod where I was housed in Wallens Ridge closed down, with 90% of Virginia inmates housed in the hair pod got transferred to level 4 prisons like Sussex 2, Keen Mountain, River North, etc. At that time, my points were at 21, which is a level 3 security classifiction. As of June 2023, I am still being kept housed at Wallens Ridge, a level 5 supermax prison when I was supposed to be transferred to a level 4 facility from 2014 when the hair pod was closed down. Now, in 2023, my transfer was denied because I was told I have to do more time in Wallens Ridge because of the crimes I am in prison for.

My point in bringing up his matter is that Wallens Ridge provides no law library access, has no vocational programs besides custodial maintenance, and it's hard to get in this class if you have five years or less left on your sentence. As of June 2023, my security classification is 25 points, which is a level 3.

When are the prison officials responsible for transferring inmates to the proper security level stop holding inmates hostage in high, level 5 prisons? I shouldn't be kept housed in a level 5 prison when I have 25 points for a level 3 prison. Whoever in Richmond denied my transfer needs to fix it. I have been in a level 5 supermax prison since April 2013, over a decade now. VADOC officials, please fix this.

NOTE: As of July 3, 2024, Mr. Jensen is still at Wallens Ridge. For more information on the issue of the VADOC grooming policy, go to:


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