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Widespread Failings

Dillwyn Correctional Center is one of the most dangerous and deadly VADOC prisons. At DWCC it is easier to find drugs (of all kinds) than a roll of scotch tape. There is no stopping the reported 3-5 overdoses per week (average) which most prisoners will tell you is closer to 10-13 per week. Prisoners are no longer reporting possible ODs and are instead doing things like putting headphones on the person ODing and hoping they wake up… It is better to avoid punishment if they come out of it. If they do not wake up, bodies get media attention.

A great example of the problem is the increasingly low quality of the staff. The UM walks through sometimes but mostly hides in the office concocting idiotic building policies. She wants to enforce “bed compliance” in 3 Building where no one is allowed to lay under a blanket after 7:30 PM. In the winter, the building leaks water and has substantial cracks in the floor with insulation falling from the root in some spots. Meanwhile, in the other building (4), the drugs flow so freely that as soon as a search is over the whole building is high and ODs occur almost immediately. The facility hires staff who are dangerously close to staff trafficking and it’s all out in the open.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for DWCC problems and the VADOC does not have the will, or the skill, or the knowledge to stop the problems. The VADOC is well aware that most of the contraband is from staff and that a large number of its prisons are crumbling - literally - in real-time and measurably in weeks and months in some instances.

The corruption of graft of the VADOC is one of the biggest threats to the Virginia population. This goes hand-in-hand with the mounting evidence of widespread prosecutorial misconduct, openly biased, and overpowered judicial discretion, and a court system is regularly shown to violate its own rules of refusing to uphold state laws and statutes and Virginia has no solid, trustworthy, active mechanisms to address such widespread failings.


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