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Words Of Wisdom

Brandon Seward (Lawrenceville Correctional)

I am a revolutionary! I am a liberator for all mankind! & the words that I am spitting come slam from the bottom of the earth. Live inside the belly of the beast. The VA penal colony. The chain gang. The slammer. A place made for hardened criminals that r not being liberated. Being we live in the Fentanyl \Covid generation. I just recently got transferred to a new prison (Lawrenceville). which is normally a breath of fresh air type of experience. Hence that is indeed not the case. I've seen overdoses. I've seen stabbings. I've seen drug abusers act outside of their character to fulfil a quick moment of satisfaction. When someone wants something it doesn't matter if someone gets hurt. I've seen release dates get compromised for that all-mighty dollar. A temporary thirst that becomes an obsession to fill. Now the ones who r reading this r from or living in California which is the home of movie stars, beaches, sports teams, gangs, & the notorious Panther Party.

When we watch these movies we immolate or mock what we c. There is no cut. & just recently I used to love my brothers. But now I despise the way we all act. It becomes so child-like. Tonight me & my fiancée got to arguing over me wanting to put my history on wax. I simply made a joking statement of me being a stay-at-home dad. Cuz I have a whole lot of papers/ideals I've written for our future. A lot of our King's & Queen's were before their time. It sometimes became scary. Cuz it was their time to rule. Just like in the movie Underworld when the king vampire & Lycian were to rule over a certain time period. I feel like it is my time to shine. Especially when u take everyone of our martyr/predecessors & combine the good things & apply them to our modern society.


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