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"Me too" and White Patriarchy

Power can corrupt, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. The white male patriarchal society that is America is being revealed for what it is. The power that has been realized by wealthy white men in this country (and also men of other ethnicities who have assimilated into this social equality), has resulted in the abuse of that power since the days of yore. In America white men were permitted to have their way with black women for centuries, and white women were also oppressed, but not in the same ways. The "Me Too" movement is showing the world that at the core of this society is the culture of a white supremist chauvinistic mentality from which we all suffer. "Me Too" is only one page of a book of oppression that we are all being victimized by. - Hassan Shabazz #MeTooForUsAll The outpour of support for the Prison Reform Rally on January 20, 2018 in Richmond has been overwhelming. We are looking to truly make a difference like we never have before. It is time for us to take charge of our affairs and end mass incarceration for the benefit of our communities and society as a whole. If we do not, then I fear that ultimate disaster is at the doorstep. We have the power. Now, it is time to use it. - Hassan Shabazz #PowerToThePeople The rich get richer and the poor get poorer in this capitalistic society. The new tax bill is evidence of that. For the rich corporate executives the cut is permanent, reducing their rate from 35 to 21%, while the average family will see their rates increase in the next ten years. This is trickle down economics, but this never works, because there is no equality there. Someone has to pay for it, and in the long run, its always the little guy footing the bill. - Hassan Shabazz #TrickleDownToWho? When I look at the current events surrounding Roy Moore who recently lost the election in Alabama, more attention has been paid to his bid for the senate than the fact that this is a judge who has been accused of child molestation. That is not to say that he is guilty, for one is innocent until such is proven, but my point is that our attention is misdirected. I mean, this is the type of individual that has been presiding over criminal prosecutions for some of the very same acts of which he has been accused. I wonder how many more Roy Moore's there are out there? - Hassan Shabazz #NoMoreJudgeMoore Trump just signed for an increase of 4 billion dollars for missile defense, and hundreds of millions for other military expenses. How come we never see this same type of zeal toward education? In Virginia over 75% of the prison population have an education of high school or less. In many ways that lack of education has led to mass incarceration, for a lack of education means less options and opportunities and this can lead to criminal behavior. In addition to the school system the culture of ignorance that we have accepted is also to blame. Being a thug, gangster, pimp, and drug dealer (among other negative figures), are glorified. Criminalty has been accepted as a viable way to escape poverty, and in some cases just a way of life. We have to change the culture, otherwise we will find ourselves in a future shaped by our youths delusions of grandeur that will never lead to success.- Hassan Shabazz #EducationOverWar During my tenure as a prisoner I have witnessed some of the worst treatment of prisoners by way of their cuisine. On the box of the processed meat that we are fed is written the phrase "For Institutional Use Only." Recently studies have shown that eating too much of this meat causes cancer. There are numerous people that I personally know in the population that developed colon cancer and the doctor said that it was from the processed meat that is "For Institutional Use Only." The government won't give this meat to anyone in the public, not even the homeless. Prisoners are truly at the bottom rung of society, and the food is evidence of such. - Hassan Shabazz #ForIstitutionalUseOnly

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