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Wrongfully Accused, A Poem for Jermaine Doss

Photo of Jermaine Doss and his parents

Wrongfully Accused of a Crime I didn’t Commit

The World has forgotten, but I’ll Never forget

I’m lying here Staring at the walls that Confine my Soul

Waiting for Justice that has been Untold

They have the Man that Confessed to the Crime

But they are Holding: Me At this time

I ask Myself, “Why me, Lord; IS JUSTCICE BLIND?”

I’m Praying for a Greater Power to Give me a Sign

My life is in Your hands; I Can’t give up Hope

Your Word gives me the Courage to Cope

Society’s Clicks have Bound Me

Their Injustice didn’t set me Free

They Focused on Acts and left out Facts

Which took from me Time that I will Never Get Back

I’m Holding on and Refusing to Give up

Because I know my Freedom will Fix what Once was Corrupt

My only Accuser has just Confessed to Telling a Lie…

My fight for Freedom will Never die!...

They Still Hold me without Bond for a Crime I know Nothing About

When I Put my Faith in You: “My Mind is at Ease” & I have No Doubt

That My Savior Will Bring Me Out!

Dedicated to Jermaine Doss

Copyright@2018 Henrietta Trotter

This Poem is on Page 91 of (We ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS).

I wrote this Poem After I went to Mr. Doss Re-trail.

ON that DAY: Mr. Doss ONLY Accuser (Recanted his Statement) and said:

MR. Jermaine Doss: HAD NOTHING to Do with the CRIME)!!!!

THEY NOW: have Nothing to HOLD Mr. Doss! Yet He has been behind Bars for 18 years!!

READERS: JUST Tell me One thing?

If the court Can take a Statement from (Someone that has been in & out of jail)

All his life to Confine and Lock up Mr. Jermaine Doss.

Why? Wasn’t Mr. Doss Released after the SAME Accusers: Recanted his Statement!!!

*If Anyone knows Someone WHO Works with the Wrongfully Accused, Please Give his Family a Call *.

Mr. Doss Case is Already on OUR Governor’s Desk!

All I can ask: Is for you to SHARE it with your Friends and your Friend friends…

Until it gets the Attention it Deserves!!!

AS YOU SEE His FREEDOM isn’t Free “


ELDERESS/Author Henrietta Trotter

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