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My Seventy Five Year Old Friend

Earlier this evening I received a message from someone I met in the beginning of my journey. Someone who quickly became the very best friend I have here on these grounds and one of the best people I've met along this journey. She needs help! Not only is she seventy-five years old, has served decades and is still stuck in this awful system, but she is also stuck down in one of the worst buildings in this facility. Building six. This building has had a negative stigma attached to it for quite a while now. My best friend is not a problematic offender by far. She has not received a disciplinary infraction in seventeen years! That is longer than I have been incarcerated! So why is she stuck down there? Oh yes, because she was labeled a nuisance by a Unit Manager that is no longer even employed by the institution. Oh yes, stuck because she asked one too many times for help of some sort from this former vindictive employee. So now my poor friend has continued to stay a victim of retaliation sadly. But these are the types of people employed by this institution. What are they, a bunch of pouting toddlers? Grow up people!

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