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I Am A Human -- An Open Letter to Correctional Officers

I AM A HUMAN! Not a number that happens to be attached to me to keep up with me, nor am I your human

dumpster! I am a woman, a mother, a grandma, someone's daughter and more! I give the utmost respect

even when it is not given or recipricated. I am here for whatever the judge has ALREADY judged me for. I

don't need your further judgement nor do I need your insults or to be dehumanized and belittled at your

convienience!! I don't know if you realized it or not, but the tables are never too late to be turned!! With this

being said, when you get up in the morning, try something new. Good morning self... I am going to work today

and remember that in some way or another the people I interact with are me. Though I may be in a better

postion at the moment, NO ONE is exempt from the changes that life can bring. I will respect these women

as I expect them to respect me. Not knowing whether I can hurt or help someone. With that being said, thank

you for your inderstanding for OUR new found respect.

Sincerely, Gwendolyn Burton-Green. Human

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